Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ian Levine

Ian Levine born 22 June 1953

Ian Levine is an English songwriter, producer, and DJ. He's also a well-known (and sometimes controversial) fan of the long-running television show Doctor Who. He was born in Blackpool, England.

Levine is most noted for his work in the music genres of pop, soul, disco, and Hi-NRG. He and songwriting partner Fiachra Trench were among the main figures in the development of the Hi-NRG style, writing and producing So Many Men So Little Time by Miquel Brown, and High Energy by Evelyn Thomas. During the 1980s and 1990s he mixed a huge amount of dance-pop hits including the Pet Shop Boys, Erasure, Kim Wilde, Bronski Beat, Bananarama, Tiffany, Dollar, Hazell Dean and founded his own groups: Seventh Avenue and Bad Boys Inc. He also wrote and produced for the highly successful UK boy band Take That and The Pasadenas. He has written and produced many TV themes.

Earlier in his career he was an influential disc jockey at the Blackpool Mecca, and became an avid collector of soul, R&B, and Northern Soul records. In the mid-1970s he also embraced disco, and would ultimately be influential as a producer in the genre's evolution into Hi-NRG.

Levine was also a resident DJ at the legendary London gay disco Heaven.

He is also a serious comic book collector and a committed Doctor Who obssessive. Sad.

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Blogger Rob said...

Ian is far from sad. Thanks to Ian's efforts dozens of Doctor Who episodes were saved from destruction at the BBC or have been located in either private collectors collections or overseas TV stations. These episodes have brought a great deal of pleasure to many people. You may think that is sad. Personally I think Ian is a terrific chap and if everyone had his commitment, energy and devotion to what they did this country would be a better place.

9:53 am  
Blogger Bob A. said...

I agree completely with Rob. One needn't be an "obsessive" to be aware that many of the U.K.'s finest actors and actresses appeared in older Dr. Who episodes at one time or another. And thanks to people like Ian, their early work has been preserved. Nothing sad about that!

6:37 pm  

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